Choosing the Correct Shoes

There are so many different pairs of shoes that you can buy which ones do you go for? There are three major areas which you should be looking at – support, comfort and stability.

Your golf shoes are a vital part of your game and can have a major influence on the way in which you will play on the course. You certainly do not want to be let down by the footware in which you wear. Technology has moved forward since golf shoes were once released and now you can buy shoes which can keep your feet dry, breathe and remain cool in hot or wet conditions.

Traction technology has allowed helped stop people from sliding when making big shots. It prevents players from sliding when driving and men’s golf shoes are now lighter and more comfortable than ever.

Golf shoes are increasing in price dramatically so it is worth doing some research before you purchase any. If you are comfortable and secure in your footwear then it will have a positive effect on your game. This can improve your scores and lower your handicap.

We have a step by step guide to help you choose a pair of shoes.

o Don’t be too tight! If you have a pair of shoes which do not fit correctly then it can take away all enjoyment of the game. The last thing you want to be worrying about is blisters on your feet so do not skimp! With golf shoes ever-changing look at the design and types of materials which they use. Many now offer a moisture management system and heat control. Also there are outsoles which support the foot and body.

o Change your shoes. If you are a regular golfer, one pair of shoes will not be sufficient. It can take over a day for a pair of golf shoes to dry, and this includes the hi-tech shoes. Always let your shoes dry out properly before you use them again. If you rotate your golf shoes you are guaranteed to extend their shelf life.

o Say goodbye to the old fashioned style of golf shoe. Shoes are evolving to look more athletic and maybe it’s time to lose those dull ones.

o Do not wear them out. Wearing your golf shoes until they fall apart can be dangerous as they can lose their grip. On top of this they can lose their spring making them uncomfortable for a five mile walk.

o Look after your spikes. Metal spikes have been outlawed by most golf clubs and shoe manufacturers. The reason for this is so that the courses will not suffer as much however plastic spikes will not last as long. Always clean your spikes after a game to make sure you have good traction and prevent yourself from slipping.

o Good socks. Always make sure that you are wearing the best socks possible. Performance socks take moisture from the skin in to the material giving you dry feet.

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